Wednesday, January 23

Mostly user wants to connect their Samsung galaxy S2 to TV withought any wire. There is no way to connect without HD cable. First thing remember during connection is, you have compatible HDTV cable. I mean mostly Galaxy users don’t know about the suitable cable for this purpose and result is worst.

I recently review a Galaxy user’s experience about this; they said “when I connect galaxy s2 with T.V via ordinary cable my galaxy batteries dead after that”. So I warn those users who try with some wrong cable. Just ask your vendor related to your purpose.

How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S2 to TV

Very simple technique use during this procedure, first you collect all items like;

After arranging items, just be sure all are turn off especially your smart device
First connect HDTV cable one port to TV or LCD. After this use your USB device for connection between Galaxy S2 and HDTV cable.

After connecting devices with each other start Galaxy S2 and ready for watching live action.
Samsung galaxy is the most running smart phone device; developer makes their best efforts for make compatible s2 for any connectivity.

Also learn how to connect samsung galaxy s3 with tv via usb cable.


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